Most companies offer the Hydrostatic Pressure Test but not the Booster Flow Test.

This test simulates Fire Brigade operations when firefighting – under the designed water flows & pressures. This test proves there are no obstructions or impediments between the booster arrangement, the fire pump bypass and the most remote hydrant valve.

This test is often NOT performed but is arguably the most critical.

AFT has two fire fighting pumpers that are able to perform any 5 yearly hydrostatic AND booster flow test. See links below for more information.

Watch our YouTube walkthrough below on what booster testing actually means.


A quick note to update on the implementation of “Fire Safety Assessor”

From 1 July 2020 – The NSW Government requires the AFSS to be endorsed by a CFSP – Fire Safety Assessor
AFT Fire is actively involved with taking all measures (exams etc) necessary to gain accreditation (as CFSP’s) for the essential fire safety measures we maintain.
AFT Fire have two (2) FSA’s covering all fire protection measures and are registered on the FPA Australia “Fire Safety Assessor Register”. You can confirm our registration at link – https://connect.fpaa.com.au/FireSafetyAssessor

individual practitioners listed on the Register have demonstrated/declared to FPA Australia that:

  1. The individual listed is employed by an FPA Australia Corporate member and has a minimum of three years’ experience in undertaking inspections/assessments for the purpose of completing Annual and Supplementary Fire Safety Statements in NSW;
  2. The individual listed is covered by Public and Product Liability Insurance ($10m minimum) and Professional Indemnity Insurance ($2m minimum);
  3. They have read and agreed to abide by the FPA Australia Code of Practice for companies, and Code of Professional Conduct for individuals;
  4. They have committed to undertake all assessment of essential fire safety measures in accordance with the relevant regulations, Codes and Australian Standards;
  5. They hold or have access to current and historical Standards and Codes for the essential fire safety measures that they assess; and
  6. That they are committed to applying for accreditation in the FPAS Fire Safety Assessment class of accreditation within 90 days of it becoming available.This new AFSS form requires endorsement by a CFSP – quoting an accreditation number.