Competency & Accreditation

AFT Fire staff are:
Accredited Practitioner Fire Safety (APFS)
“Fire Safety Assessor” (FSA) and
“Fire System Designer” class

AFT Fire staff are accredited for “Inspect and Test” activities.

AFT Fire has ‘Recognised Business’ status with FPA Australia

AFT Fire can legitimately endorse the AFSS required under the 2017 NSW Government fire safety reforms

AFT Fire Protection Capabilities

Our current services include installation, comprehensive inspection, testing and maintenance to the full range of fire protection, product safety systems and equipment including:

Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hose Reels
Lay-Flat Hoses
Fire Hydrants
Sprinkler Systems
Booster Pumps
Fire Alarm Systems
Gaseous Suppression Systems
Smoke Control Systems
Smoke and Heat Vents
Warning and Operational Signs
Fire Dampers
Deluge Systems
Spark Detection Systems
Water Mist Systems
Dry Chemical Systems
Drencher Systems
Building Surveying
Kitchen Hood Suppression
Emergency & Exit Lighting
Fire Rated Access Panels
Fire Shutters, Smoke Doors
Fire Seals
Lightweight construction

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