COVID-19 UPDATE– 19th JULY 2021

COVID-19 Update – 19th July 2021

AFT Fire staff being vaccinated & routinely tested


As of the 18th July the NSW Government has implemented additional COVID-19 related restrictions.


The NSW Government Department of Planning requirements include:

  • The inspection & maintenance of essential fire safety measures & issuing the AFSS is still required during the pandemic – subject to public health advice.
    • “The inspection, testing and maintenance of essential fire safety measures installed in certain buildings such as apartment buildings, nursing homes and commercial premises is necessary to promote the safety of occupants. This is of particular relevance during this time when some buildings are being occupied for longer periods of time than usual. A fire safety statement verifies that the essential fire safety measures have been assessed and will operate to the required standard. An annual fire safety statement also verifies that the fire exit systems in the building have been inspected.”
  • Access into apartments for an inspection of essential fire safety measures”
    • “Fire safety practitioners need to have access to a building both internally and externally (as required) to do an appropriate inspection and assessment of all essential fire safety measures. However, practitioners should ensure they comply with relevant public health advice and where necessary use appropriate personal protective equipment to provide for the safety of both building occupants and practitioners.”


NSW Government public health orders

The government website does not specially refer to those businesses maintaining essential fire safety measures other than stating essential services must be maintained and works are permitted within residences if it is necessary for the safety of the site.


The Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA)

The FPAA is our industry representative & has been liaising with the NSW Government with regards to the restrictions, “authorised workers” & the requirement to test & maintain essential fire safety measures & to issue the AFSS is a timely manner.

The FPAA’s position includes:

  • the following work must continue on fire safety systems and features during the lockdown period:  
    • routine service work;
    • annual assessment; and
    • rectification maintenance.
  • all work must be carried out using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety procedures. 

In light of the above advice, AFT Fire Protection will continue to provide our “essential” services as currently scheduled.


AFT Fire Protection will maintain the following preventative measures:

  • None of our field tech team live or work in the Fairfield, Liverpool or Canterbury-Bankstown local government areas.
  • The three admin. staff living in the Fairfield, Liverpool or Canterbury-Bankstown local government areas are working from home.
  • Staff will not to enter apartments if the occupant:
    • requests us not to;
    • are self isolating or have flu like symptoms.
  • Practice good hand hygiene at all times
  • To wear face masks and disposable gloves when conducting works within the close proximity of people. Most importantly, when entering apartments to conduct inspections and remedial works.
  • Avoid close contact with others. To practice social distancing.
  • Not to attend work and to immediately have a COVID-19 test – if they have flu like symptoms or a family member or somebody in close contact gets COVID-19. They are not to return to work until they have a medical certificate confirming their health status.
  • All staff are being COVID-19 tested on a weekly basis. They will carry a record of their negative test results.
  • 80% of our field staff have already received one vaccination dose.
  • All staff have been booked in to be fully vaccinated by the end of August.

How can you help?


  • to wear masks during the inspection works
  • to advise our technician if they have been isolated/quarantined or have flu like symptoms. If so, they will not enter the apartment.
  • keep themselves updated with the most current Government requirements.


The health and safety of our clients and our staff is our highest priority.  Be rest assured we are conducting our works in a manner that will protect both you and our staff.

We will continue to follow advice from the Department of Health (NSW and Australian Governments) and will update you as the situations unfolds.

Please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions –


Yours faithfully,

AFT Fire Protection