We can provide System Condition Audits or “one off inspection” tests to ascertain the level of compliance to both residential and commercial buildings. Our inspections are carried out in accordance with Australian Standards and Regulations.

Following our audits, we can provide you with a report detailing deficiencies encountered and provide you with the basis to submit a compliance statement to Council. Some of the essential fire measure we inspect include:

– Smoke alarms within SOU’s (Sole Occupancy Unit’s) – we check the type, operation, location and condition.

– Fire Doors (SOU’s and public areas) – we check for the compliant installation, hardware, condition

– Top level Ceiling – we check the construction and condition

– Penetrations passing through building elements – we determine the location, type and compliance of fire seals within non concealed areas

– Emergency & Exit lighting – we perform a 90-minute discharge test on existing fittings and offer recommendations for improvement

Other System Audits Include:
– Fire Detection & EWIS
– Extinguishers & Fire Blankets
– Hose Reels & Hydrants
– Sprinkler & Drencher Systems
– Fire pump sets