Why are we different?

We strive to be transparent and consistent. Our processes and documentation are designed to provide clients an understanding of the fire equipment being tested/maintained and how the relevant code requirements apply to them.

As part of the annual test and quoting, we provide an explanatory document with the testing results/quotes. This document details:

  • Explanation of complex remedial works required, quoted works and compliance issues
  • Issues pertaining to egressing the premises and access issues
  • Schedule of Essential Fire Safety Measures – “Fire Safety Schedule”
  • Equipment servicing information
  • Status of 5, 10 & 25 yearly testing & preventative maintenance activities
  • Explanation of the testing & preventative maintenance activities
  • Recommendations to improve the fire safety equipment or bring up to current standards
  • Glossary of terms for typical fire equipment

We differ from our competitors for the following reasons:

  • “Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSP)” and qualified to “Inspect & Test”. From 1st October 2017 for professionals Inspecting & Testing and Assessing essential fire safety measures it is a requirement to show evidence of competence. AFT has several staff who are “Competent Fire Safety Practitioner” (CFSP) class and others who are accredited for “Inspect and Test” activities – we can legitimately sign the new AFSS format.
  • Innovative. 5 Yearly Hydrant Booster Flow Testing. We continually seek new methods and techniques. We offer the 5-yearly hydrant booster flow testing service. This requires a fire truck and is unique in NSW.
  • Training. We are committed to the ongoing development and training of our team. This ensures we are consistent when carrying out inspections, assessments and reports. We conduct internal training every month and our team members are enrolled in the Fire Protection Association Australia units of competency (FPAS scheme).
  • No Subcontractors used. AFT personnel carry out all inspection and testing and general rectification works – we don’t engage subcontractors for this purpose. This converts to better response times, assured quality and more competitive pricing.
  • Coverage is limited to the inner west, CBD, inner northern & eastern areas of Sydney – this helps us maintain high service levels and shorter response times. Our office is located in Botany.
  • Eligible for HOW Insurance. We are eligible for Home Owner’s Warranty Insurance (HOW), top level Public & Product Liability, Professional Indemnity & Worker’s Compensation insurance and have a working WHS system which is audited annually.