What are the relevant Fair Trading requirements?

As of 1 st February 2012

  • “By law, tradespeople must give consumers a copy of the Consumer building guide, issued by Fair Trading, before they enter into a contract for residential building work worth more than $5,000.00.” Click here for a copy of the guide Consumer building guide
  • “All residential building work worth more than $20,000 must be covered by mandatory home warranty insurance.”

What are Essential Fire Safety Measures?

These are essential services that are required to be provided within a specific building – as nominated by Council. The schedule forms part of the Annual Fire Safety Statement.

What is an Annual Fire Safety Statement?

An Annual Fire Safety Statement is a statement issued on or behalf of a building owner to the effect that Essential Fire Safety Measures provided within a premises have been maintained and assessed by a properly qualified person and was found to be capable of performing to the standard required by the most recent Fire Safety Schedule.

The Annual Fire Safety Statement also confirms the building meets the requirements of Division 7 of EP&A Regulation 2000 (and thereby avoid prosecution under that provision)

The statement must deal with the whole building and is required to be provided the Council and the New South Wales Fire Brigade every 12 months and a current copy must be displayed in a prominent position at the premises, such as in the entry foyer.

The annual fire safety statement must be in a prescribed format – as nominated by the relevant Council

Please refer to www.legislation.nsw.gov.au for more information in this regard.