AFT Fire Protection have several staff who are “Competent Fire Safety Practitioner” (CFSP) class and others who are accredited for “Inspect and Test” activities – we can legitimately sign the new AFSS format.

NSW Government Fire Safety Reforms – Oct 2017
The NSW Government has announced a series of reforms to fire safety Regulation and Certification, effective on 1st October 2017.

NSW Government Fact sheet (extract)
“Changes to the regulations will eventually provide building owners with greater clarity and certainty on how to identify a person or persons competent to undertake fire safety statement assessments and inspections.”

From the 1st October 2017:

The changes will come into effect on 1 October 2017. From this date, building owners will need to select a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner to undertake the necessary assessments and inspections before an annual fire safety statement or supplementary fire safety statement is issued.

In cases where a range of fire safety measures serve a building, more than one competent fire safety practitioner may be needed.

From the 1st December 2017:

In addition to what information is currently required to be in a fire safety statement, the fire safety statement will need building owners to include details of the competent fire safety practitioner(s) who completed the assessments and inspections.”

“Competent Fire Safety Practitioner” (CFSP)

This term replaces “properly qualified person” previously referred to on the Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS). “Properly qualified person” has never been clearly defined, but implied that an individual must hold a qualification to conduct an associated task.

Our national peak body, the Fire Protection Association of Australia, has been working closely with the NSW Government. Fire Protection Association Australia has prepared an Interim Fire Safety Assessor Register of practitioners (CFSP’s) to provide guidance to building owners/managers in identifying competent practitioners. It is available for building owners/managers looking to prepare Annual Fire Safety Statements in NSW.

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) “Fire Safety Assessor” class of accreditation is currently in development, and will be tailored to fit the new requirements.

“Inspect & Test” and “Assess” – Proof of Competence

For professionals inspecting, testing and assessing essential fire safety measures in NSW it is now a requirement under government regulation to show evidence of competence.

The Fire Protection Association Australia’s “Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme” (FPAS) is designed to recognise “competent” individuals working in the fire protection industry.

FPAS provides a pathway from “Transitional Accreditation” (has relevant work experience) to “Qualified Accreditation” (has completed the required units of competency).

AFT Fire Protection is committed to training staff and to obtain proof of competency for new staff. Our staff are on the interim register which indicates current status and insurances.

“Recognised Business” (Fire Protection Association Australia)

The Fire Protection Association Australia, in parallel with the introduction of individual accreditation, recognise business entities that are investing in the skills, knowledge and experience of those fire protection professionals engaged in the business, thereby supporting them in achieving individual accreditation.

Businesses recognised by the Scheme (FPAS) only engage appropriately accredited individuals (fire protection professionals) to provide services in the categories for which the business provides services. These entities are given ‘Recognised Business’ status.

AFT Fire Protection has ‘Recognised Business’ status.

AFT Fire Protection – Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

AFT Fire has several staff registered on the Fire Protection Association Australia as Fire Safety Assessor Register of practitioners. Practitioners listed on the register have declared they meet minimum requirements for experience, insurance, professional conduct & commitment for future accreditation. Fire Protection Association Australia recommends that building owners in NSW engage individuals listed on the register to assess essential fire safety measure performance for the purpose annual fire safety statements, prior to an accreditation scheme being recognised by the NSW Government.

AFT Fire Protection staff can prepare and sign the AFSS as the “CFSP” for the essential fire safety measures we have inspected, tested and assessed.

Mechanical air handling systems, lifts etc are outside of our area of expertise/competence and other CFSP’s will need to be engaged for these.

AFT Fire Protection – Routine “Inspection & test”

AFT Fire Protection is committed to investing in the skills, knowledge and experience of those fire protection professionals engaged in our business.

AFT Fire Protection staff have FPAS accreditation in all ten of the categories available under the ‘Inspect and Test’ class.


NSW Government Fact sheet

AFSS – Effective 1st December 2017

Fire Protection Association Australia – Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS)