Utilising our “FLOW TEST UNIT”, AFT Fire performs:

  • Fire brigade booster flow testing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing

to simulate Fire Brigade “Fire Fighting” Operations

The Fire Brigade relies on fire hydrant systems more than any other equipment when fire fighting. “Fire Brigade Boosters” are fitted to fire hydrant systems to provide a point of attachment for the fire brigade to supply additional water flow/pressure into the hydrant system.

Purpose of 5 Yearly Hydrant Service & Testing

This test proves the Fire Brigade Booster Assembly and associated on-site pump bypass, valving and piping can sustain fire fighting operations. It also proves there are no obstructions or impediments within the system that may restrict the water flows and pressures available at the hydrant valves. Water is pumped through the Fire Brigade Booster to the most hydraulically remote hydrant valve within the building. The reason this test is critical for a building and its occupants is because over time, pipework and valves corrode, deteriorate, seize and become blocked. As a result, failure of the hydrant booster system occurs.


AS1851-2012 is the recognised fire equipment testing standard in Australia to which our industry tests. This standard nominates 5 yearly hydrant testing and this incorporates two tests. These are:

  • 1: 5 YEARLY HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE TESTING – proves the hydrant system can sustain the elevated water pressures required during Fire Brigade operations. This test is performed under zero flow conditions. Hydrostatic pressure testing of the hydrant system does alone NOT prove the condition of the booster/hydrant system.
  • 2: 5 YEARLY FIRE BRIGADE BOOSTER FLOW TESTING – simulates Fire Brigade operations when fire fighting – under the designed water flows & pressures. This test proves there are no obstructions or impediments between the booster arrangement, the fire pump bypass and the most remote hydrant valve. This test is often NOT performed but is arguably the most critical.
  • 3: ANNUAL “WATER SUPPLY PROVING” TESTING – This annually performed “water supply proving” test verifies each water supply (town’s main, fire pumps etc) provide the flow and pressure required under the design criteria – at the most remote hydrant valve. This test does not utilise the fire brigade booster and pump bypass.

The flows/pressures required through the Fire Brigade Boosters are substantial – flows that only a fire appliance (or a similar pumping apparatus) can deliver. AFT Fire, with the use of our modified fire truck, perform flow testing through the “Boosters”.

This sketch depicts the difference between the Annual Water Supply Proving Test & 5 Yearly Fire Brigade Booster Testing.

Why is this test important ?

  • The Fire Brigade relies on the hydrant system when fire fighting  – it must operate as designed when called upon
  • Over time the hydrant system will deteriorate internally & restrictions result. We have found many systems with badly corroded/obstructed piping and valving.
  • Avoid water damage caused by possible system failure
  • A requirement for issuing an AFSS to Council & complying with AS1851 (2012):
    • Was found to be capable of performing to a standard no less than that to which the measure was originally designed & implemented
    • Should be carried within the scheduled year – equivalent to extinguisher & sprinkler alarm valve 5 yearly scheduled servicing
  • After a fire or a system failure, if it is found the fire protection system has not been serviced & tested to the recognised standard, then:
    • issues with insurance coverage may result
    • exposure to other litigation
  • Required by AS1851-2012 – this is the recognised standard in Australia to which we inspect, test & maintain fire equipment 

Why we offer this service?

There is the need for a competent & accountable service which addresses the 5 Yearly Testing of Hydrant Systems. Prior to 2013 no such service was available in Sydney and therefore the fire brigade booster flow test was not done. After purchasing and modifying a fire truck and drawing on the expertise of our staff we offer a comprehensive package for this service.


  • Annual, 5, 10, 25 servicing and testing
  • To AS1851, AS2419, AS2118
  • Hydrant Fire Brigade Booster System Testing
  • Hydrant Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Booster Service and Overhaul
  • Fire Pump & Valve Service and Overhaul
  • Sprinkler System Service and Overhaul

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Case Study 2

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